consulting services


Years of industry experience afforded me a unique perspective into what it takes to make a profitable company thrive, and what it takes to make a thriving company exceed even its own expectations.


As your CFO consultant, I bring to bear my full armament of accounting and financial management

abilities, an analytic and solutions-based mindset and a proven record of successfully managing

companies of all sizes.


My Consulting Services include:


  • Development and execution of financial business strategies
    • With my proven track record of building programs with stellar results, together we can build a program from the ground up, then set it loose into the marketplace.
  • Evaluation of financial control, management systems and accounting processes
    • The devil is in the details. From top to bottom, inside and out, there’s room for improvement in every aspect of a business’ success.
  • Revenue and profitability forecasting
    • What’s down the road is anyone’s guess, but with the tools and principles at my disposal, I give you a solid foundation on which to build.
  • Financial transaction negotiating
    • From contracts to day-to-day commerce, my experience handling all forms of financial transactions will give you the edge you’ve been looking for.
  • Protection of your existing investments
    • See how your investments, regardless of scope or term, can pay off.
  • Installation and monitoring of accounting systems
    • Whether you’re looking to boost efficiency or seeking to simplify your bookkeeping, I’m able to set up, install, implement and monitor accounting systems of all shapes and scopes.
  • Business plan prep and financial acquisition
    • As a CFO for several companies, my contribution to the financial aspects of proposed plans and acquisitions helps shed light into the financial aspects of any corporate endeavor.